Did I Die and Go to Hell?

Sometimes, especially this and last year, I find myself seriously pondering if I had indeed died and am living in a hell right now. Things are weird. It seems the people I have known for so long, like my family, are not the same people I knew before. Did I cross into an alternate dimension? Especially with the political climate. Nothing is normal. Things that should be shocking seem to be taken by other people as just normal. Maybe a little outrageous, but on the normal spectrum. With the constant barrage of panic-attack inducing news and tweets by The Creature, I really wonder if I am in hell and have already died but just didn’t know it. Or at least another universe. I have studied the Mandela Effect a little bit as I like to explore different theories and I’m starting to believe maybe this reality is not the one I used to belong to. Whatever it is, I just want out. Maybe Hell isn’t a hot burning place. Maybe it’s very similar to reality but it’s constant shit thrown at you on a daily basis.


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