I Can’t Get Over My Dad’s Support of Trump (“The Creature”)

Note: When I say “The Creature”, I am referring to the president.

Something really weird has been going on with my dad. When the terrible election season of 2016 started, my dad would never have believed that he would end up a Creature supporter. And not only a Creature supporter, but someone who actively gets on Twitter an social media to defend The Creature and even go out of his way to make fun of others on social media about this. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a MAGA hat yet.  This is how he is spending his retirement- on Twitter defending a man who couldn’t give a shit that he is even alive, and actively making fun of those who are offended by The Creature. It’s like my dad’s personality is changing, and now he’s an angry old man. On Saturday at brunch with my mom (I see them for brunch on Saturdays), he even started subconsciously doing Creature hand gestures that he hadn’t before- like the stupid “OK” symbol. I just can’t get over how he not only supports The Creature, but is believing every word he says, and actively searching for articles that will prove he is right even in the face of blatant lies. It’s embarrassing. I don’t want politics to come between us but where does one stop? My dad seems to get a kick out of strating controversy with other family members and arguing, although, according to my mom, “he doesn’t like conflict”. The Creature has insulted and demeaned pretty much the entire population, excluding old white males (not those who are  vets, though- he went after them). My mom doesn’t seem to be much happier either, although, she too, is trying to believe The Creature and my dad. I think she just doesn’t want to face how bad things are, so she tries to convince herself that they are right and walks around in a constant state of denial. I think that my mom has been pretty unhappy ever since she settled down, actually. I don’t think she was really the type to want kids. She never played with us or was very affectionate. It was kind of like we existed but that was it. I saw throughout my childhood that she wasn’t happy, and I think my dad makes her feel worse. When I mentioned to her that he is wasting his retirement on Twitter when the two of them should be doing things; like travel, etc, she told me that my dad’s personality had been changing because he is in chronic back pain and that “this isn’t the retirement I had wanted for myself either”. I don’t really know how to deal with this. I don’t want to stop the relationship with my dad because he is, afterall, my dad. But when I see him, and he starts his stupid Trump shit, it really just disturbs me and pisses me off for days. I feel like I was betrayed or lied to. My dad was pretty liberal but ever since 2010, it’s like he’s gone downhill. And now he’s at the point where he’s re-tweeting Milo, who writes for a white supremacist website, and defending someone who the KKK went out in droves to vote for (Side note, the KKK harassed my Irish Catholic immigrant grandpa back in the day when he first came over, and as a child I constantly heard these sob stories). Sometimes I feel like I am in a different reality, like I left the old one, and now I’m in a new one where my parents are my parents, but not the same ones as before.


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