So Sick of the Word “Unprecidented”.

Overused and tired word of 2017: “Unprecidented”. Or maybe it’s not that the word is tired and overused. Maybe we’re tired of having to deal and live with ridiculous unprecidented situations in the political realm. The use of this word, unfortunately, has not been used in a positive way this year, and that is because Americans are used to having a president who has a seventh-grade vocabulary, at the very least, and who speaks in complete sentences. This year, we have a president who has the vocabulary of a 3rd grader at best; it’s unprecidented. Places like the Middle East and Latin America, and other third world countries, in general, are used to the president attacking the media and blatantly lying to them. They’re used to rich families being in power, and corrupting the government with their money, power and influence. Americans are not. This Trump Dynasty imperialism that has been allowed to happen is unprecidented. The president firing Sally Yates because she refused to enforce an obviously unconstitutional order is unprecidented. The same goes for Comey, who was just fired, and coincidentially, he was leading the investigation on the Trump campaign and Russia. The similarities to this situation and the Nixon Saturday Massacre are astonishing. Unfortunaely, and in a very unpresidented way, I don’t believe anything will come of this. Trump and his family will continue to use the highest office as a way to make more money, corruption will breed and multiply in our government. This is not a secret; it’s being done in a very blatant and obvious way. The fact that they put no  effort at all into covering their tracks is insulting. Yet no one does anything. I always took pride in telling my friends from other countries how the US is basically corruption-proof. Yeah, it happens, but those who are corrupt are held accountable. But I can’t say this anymore. I don’t feel this way anymore. I feel that something changed and it will never go back to the way it once was. There’s always going to be a stain where there once was not one.

The older generation, mostly the baby boomers, voted in large numbers for Trump. There are alot who did not, I understand, but the majority of them did. As a Millenial, I saw a vote for Trump as very selfish, especially among the older generation. Baby Boomers: are you going to remain the most selfish generation until you die? Are you that selfish and stubborn that the world is not allowed to go on, it is not allowed to become a better or happy place after you die, so you choose to bring it down with you? In the past, people took into account the future generations more. You guys don’t. You really don’t give a fuck. Yes, you have children and grandchildren, but your vote was a huge slap in the face. The world is changing. People of different ethnicities are mixing, the world is not as white as it once was. Why does this affect you in a negative way? Gays and people in the LGBTQ community are accepted now. They’re allowed to marry. Why does this affect you in a negative way? Why are you so against people having more rights over corporations? I hate to bring it up, but you don’t have that much longer to live. Why side with corporate interests? What can you even gain from it? The policies that the Republicans have stood for, for at least the last decade, and what Trump and his family have always stood for is capitalism at all costs. Capitalism is not bad but when it comes to capitalism above all else- above the health and wellbeing of people, that’s when it becomes a bad thing. Why do you want less rights for your children and grandchildren?

The world is not the same one you grew up in. In your day, the cards were not stacked against you. The Millenials and the generations under us face more debt and hardship than you as a collective did. We were told by you that we needed college educations, or we would end up flipping burgers, which, is basically true. It’s also true that the “just major in whatever you love” philosophy that you gave us also can get us a job flipping burgers. And those of us who have graduated and got into a job in our field, we started off with pretty low wages, and we are overwhelmed with debt. The American dream that was available to your generation, college degree or not, is not available to us. We live check to check. Some of us live in your basements still. Wages have not appropriately risen with the times and  “trickle-down” economics is bullshit. This reminds me of Brexit. People who benefitted from all the things that being a member of the European Union had to offer, like free college education, decided to vote to leave the EU, and screw the generations under them who had not yet had a chance to reap the same benefits. Your generation, as the majority for so many years, voted against our best interests time and again. And now, we are on the brink of global nuclear war and our health care is about to become useless for the sake of tax cuts for the rich class (a class of which very few of you are even a part of).

It just feels like I died and am in Hell a little more every passing week. I seriously ponder, did I switch timelines? Did I die and go to a new universe? Or is this Hell? It’s not hot and fiery like in the stories, but it’s basically new shit on a daily basis. Remember the good old days when our president spoke in complete sentences and we didn’t even know who the press secretary was?

Since we have Republicans in charge, I wonder if we will ever again participate in a democratic election that isn’t somehow skewed or rigged in the GOP’s favor. That party is no longer the party for Conservatives. The Conservatives don’t have a party anymore. The GOP is now the corporatist, anti-working class, anti-middle class, anti-women, anti-health care, anti-human rights, anti-American party of shit. The GOP is acting swiftly, to take away any and all regulations, to take away the people’s right to fight against corporations when they are wrong, and just to keep us stuck in a working class that can never get ahead, no matter what we do.

I propose that we make new laws about requirements that a presidential candidate must obtain in order to even run for office:

-Pass an 8th grade level grammar and vocabulary / English test- verbal and written.

-Pass a test on 8th grade level competency on the different branches of the government and how they work.

-Pass a test on the 6th grade level on the Constitution.

-Pass a test on 4th grade history of the US.

-All tax returns from every year are to be released.

-All conflicts of interest / companies / etc will be put into a blind trust on day one of the job, or you automatically lose the presidency and the other candidate will take over.

These are basic, bare minimum, very low standards. If they were in place for the 2016 election, we wouldn’t have Trump right now.



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